Invitation to an English monothematic issue “New challenges for education in times of crisis and major societal change”


Invitation to an English monothematic issue New challenges for education in times of crisis and major societal change”

The journal Pedagogika invites the authors to publish in a monothematic issue for the year 2023: “New challenges for education in times of crisis and major societal change”.

The 2020s brought unprecedented changes on a global scale. Covid, war, and the huge number of refugees in Europe, the energy and looming food crises. Along with a sense of uncertainty and instability, there is a growing need to change education to respond to these changes.

In response to this need, there are evident shifts in education. For example, teachers are changing their approach to online learning, schools are looking for ways to more effectively support pupils who need support – whether they are those with specific learning needs, from different cultural backgrounds or those from less stimulating environments. The challenge is the increasing classroom heterogeneity, containing also very different prior life experience – for some students including also escaping from war.

The curriculum of schools is questioned whether it sufficiently mirrors the future needs of pupils and supports their mental health in current uncertain times. There are many frequent other questions, e.g. about wellbeing in schools, about ways to foster the engagement of all stakeholders in education, about more efficient linking of formal and informal education, effectively, about changes in teachers’ training that let them feel more prepared for the challenges of crisis times.

In this special issue, we welcome contributions that provide both evidence of needed changes or challenges and studies that provide initial insights into how education is responding to these challenges.

The guarantors of the monothematic issue are Iva Stuchlíková, Anna Kucharská, Markéta Švamberk Šauerová, and Ioulia Papageorgi

Time schedule for the preparation of this monothematic issue:  RESCHEDULED

  • By June 30, 2023, send abstracts in the range of max. 2 pages (3,600 characters) to the address with the note "Special New challenges 2023". In the abstract, please state: author (authors) and title of the paper, its type (theoretical, overview, methodological, research study), expected scope, aim and content of the paper.
  • By July 15, 2023, the authors will be notified of the next steps.
  • Studies based on accepted abstracts should be submitted by September 15, 2023. Subsequently, the studies will go through a standard review procedure and the authors will be asked to modify the texts.
  • The monothematic issue will be published until the end of 2023.