3/2024  Music Education in the 21st Century: Approaches and Challenges

Editor: Jiřina Jiřičková

The call of the third issue is open to all authors dedicated to the field of music education. Authors can publish papers that they will present at Conference on Research and Practice in Music Education in the 21st Century 9/2024 at PedF UK. Papers can address the following topics: Developing students' and teachers' competencies in music education, Curriculum and pedagogy in transformation, Agency, equality, diversity and inclusion in the music classroom, Music traditions, genres and the curriculum, Traditions and transformation in music teacher education.

The following types of contributions can be published in the journal: research, theoretical, methodological, didactic and review studies, discussions, reports and reviews. Papers classified as studies and research reports are subject to peer-review. The decision of the Editorial Board on acceptance or non-acceptance for peer review will be sent to the author within 30 days from the date of receipt of the paper. The result of the peer review process will be sent to the author within 60 days from the date of acceptance for consideration by the reviewers. Other submissions (discussions, reports, reviews) will be considered by the Editorial Board. Only original, unpublished or unsolicited papers offered to other journals or proceedings are printed.

Please note the following dates:

31st August 2024: Abstract submission deadline: gramotnost@pedf.cuni.cz.
21st October 2024: Full (invited) manuscript submission deadline
November 2024: Anticipated publication date